Our Vision

Southern Oil guarantees the highest beneficial re-use of waste lube oil – which it believes should be the only waste management option for organisations committed to sound environmental performance.

About 350 million litres of waste lube oil is collected in Australia every year. That’s equal to 140 standard Olympic size swimming pools.

Currently over 60% of Australia’s waste lube oil is burned or incorporated into explosives products, destroying this renewable resource.

Waste oil “processing” as a fuel (energy recovery) is considered by Australian regulatory agencies to be recycling. It is not.

Energy recovery is not the same as recycling.

Burning destroys a valuable commodity and permanently removes lube oil from productive use.

No other commodity (eg paper, organic waste, chemical waste) considers burning to be recycling.

Waste lube oil burnt as fuel is not recycled and should not be considered by governments to be recycled.

Re-refining sits at the top of the waste management hierarchy and secures an environmental and economic value for used oil – to achieve the highest beneficial re-use for Australia.

Through its Wagga Wagga and Gladstone refineries, Southern Oil gives waste oil producers a home-grown environmental choice for their waste lube oil – at no extra cost to current disposal and recycling practices.

To join the new environmental benchmark in recycling contact us about used oil collection and liquid waste management today.