Our Community

We believe in being part of the communities in which we operate. We aim to build good relationships with the people who live in our local communities and the businesses we work with. We are also actively involved in the Product Stewardship for Oil program.

Partnerships & Memberships

Australian Council of Recycling

Southern Oil Refining is a member of the Australian Council of Recycling (ACOR), a not-for-profit peak national industry Council representing businesses in the resource recovery and recycling industry of Australia. ACOR works closely with Federal and State Governments to develop policies and programs that improve resource recovery and support investment in and growth of the recycling industry.

Australian Oil Recyclers Association

Southern Oil Refining is a member of the Australian Oil Recyclers Association (AORA) which works to raise awareness of the benefits of recycling oil resources, and advocate for policy change.

Waste Recycling Industry Queensland

The Northern Oil Refinery is a member of Waste Recycling Industry Queensland (WRIQ), Queensland's peak waste management and secondary resources body which engages and advocates on a wide range of legislative and regulatory issues impacting the industry.

Government Initiatives

Successful partnership with CSIRO

Southern Oil and the CSIRO have teamed up to develop a new process that will improve the quality of Southern Oil’s products. Industrial-scale trials are scheduled to commence soon.

The company’s process is unlike traditional refining processes that use crude oil. Re-refining has significant environmental benefits by preventing the release of waste oil into the environment and ensuring that contaminants are properly removed and safely disposed of.

CSIRO’s SME Engagement Centre assisted SOR to access valuable expertise through
Enterprise Connect’s Researchers in Business program.


Product Stewardship for Oil program

The Product Stewardship for Oil program aims to establish an effective partnership for the management of used oil, involving oil producers, oil recyclers, local, state and territory governments, the Australian Government and the public.

The program is intended to reinforce existing state and territory regulations and arrangements.

The objectives of the program are to:

  • provide economic incentives to increase the uptake and appropriate recycling and use of used oil
  • encourage the environmentally sustainable management and re-refining of used oil and its reuse, and
  • support economic recycling options for used oil

The planned outcomes of the program are:

  • increased uptake and appropriate recycling/use of used oil with consequent reduced risk of major environmental and health problems from improper storage, use and disposal
  • more ecologically and economically sustainable management of used oil by Australian industry, and in remote, rural and urban communities
  • a sustainable used oil recycling industry, and
  • increased industry and community awareness that used oil is a valuable resource and not a waste product, and a commitment to recycle used oil appropriately

Working With Us

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